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Romina is a Venezuelan-American documentary and portrait photographer based in NYC.


Her work for the past 10 years has been an exploration of the human condition through the exchange of conversations and photography. The projects she makes are grounded on a sensitivity to the social and economic disparities of the world. Formed as a documentary photographer and a visual anthropologist, her main interest is to talk about resilience, informal economy, migration and the struggle to make ends meet. It is not just about showing a reality that doesn’t change, that is systematic, but to generate spaces to discuss and reflect on it. she believes through photography we enable that space. 


Her Genesis Collection "Beach Vendors" is a window into the beach culture where each holder will be able to 1. hold the NFT, 2 get a print of the photograph, 3 get a product from the vendor, 4 have access to the research, 5 be a philanthropist as the vendor gets 10% of the first sale of the NFT, and 6 become a producer, because with some of the sales Romina will travel to the next Beach and produce the next set of Beach Vendors. This project is ongoing until Romina produces 500 Portraits in 25 beaches. 

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